Auto Accident Lawsuits


Involved in an auto accident? American Legal Funding Can Help

Most car accidents are caused through unintentional loss of control of a motor vehicle. Common causes of auto accidents include distracted driving, the consumption of alcohol, or responding to the actions of another driver.  Auto accidents are not limited to collision with another vehicle.  Oftentimes auto accidents can involve pedestrians or bicycles as well.  With ten years of experience, we understand the intricacies of different types of cases and can help get you the support you need.


Are the Bills Piling Up?

When you are involved in a car accident and the fault was not yours, you may find yourself injured and facing a number of medical bills that cannot be put aside until you win your court case. When you obtain settlement funding for your case, you will have the funds you need to pay your medical bills and other debt that was caused by the accident. You will not have to wait until your case is settled in order to receive money, and you will have greater peace of mind in knowing that you can afford to have the case argued by an experienced lawyer.


Funds You Need, When You Need Them

Lawsuit funding can help you maintain quality of life while you and your attorney work together to argue and win your case. If you were not at fault, then your case is even stronger, and there is a better chance that you will qualify for legal financing. If you are still in the hospital or home-bound as a result of your accident, these funds can help you pay for further medical assistance, rent or mortgage payments, and other cost of living expenses. In order to qualify for funding, you should first discuss your intentions with your lawyer so that he or she can gather the right kind of documents needed in order to help you file your application, along with assistance from our underwriters.

Being involved in a car accident can shatter your life, but attorney funding from American Legal Funding can help you put it back together again.