How It Works


Do you need cash before you lawsuit settles? We provide cash when you need it most!

Read below to find out how legal funding through American Legal Funding can work for you. 

Workplace Injury Legal Funding

1 // An Accident Happens To You

When you experience an auto accident, medical or pharmaceutical malpractice, a workplace injury or wrongful death of a family member - we can help. Tell Us Your Story and let us begin working for you.

Lawsuit Loans

2 // Your Lawyer Accepts Your Case

Proper representation is key to the success of your case. You want to interview and hire a lawyer that you are comfortable with and confident in to accept your case and work for you. Need help finding an attorney to work for you? Contact us today!


Lawfirm Funding Companies

3 // Initial Settlement Funding Discussions

Early in the process, your lawyer will discuss with you potential outcomes of your case including out-of-court settlement as well as jury awards that you may receive if you win. At this point, the compensation you deserve is within sight.


Pre-settlement legal loans

4 // You Need Cash

Unexpected events can negatively impact your life and take a major financial toll on your family’s finances. That's where American Legal Funding comes in. We make life easier than it may be today by providing legal financing for your case.


Legal Loans

5 // Contact American Legal Funding Today

Start out by telling us your story, completing our online application. Whether or not you have a lawyer already or are a lawyer with a qualifying case for attorney funding, we want to hear from you.


Lawyer Loans

6 // We Will Review Your Application

After we receive your completed application, we will contact you within 48 hours. If your case fits our criteria, we will then begin developing a lawsuit funding agreement for you.


Attorney Loans

7 // You and Your Lawyer Sign the Documents

When your case is approved, American Legal Funding supplies documents to your lawyer outlining the details. 

Lawsuit Loan Funding Company

8 // We Advance Funds

American Legal Funding advances funds to both your Lawyer and You in as little as 24 hours with no repayment until you win – we get paid when you win your case. That means no risk to you if you lose. You keep the money and owe nothing.


Lawyer Funding Company

9 // Lawyer Works on Your Settlement

Let your Lawyer do what he/she does best – working on your behalf to receive a fair and equitable settlement to your case.

Settlement Funding Companies

10 // Your Case Successfully Settles

When your Lawyer successfully settles your case, the settlement funds will be appropriately handled to ensure that all parties, included American Legal Funding, are properly compensated as planned. 

presettlement lawsuit loans

11 // American Legal Funding Gets Paid

American Legal Funding receives its portion of the settlement, including reimbursement for the payment advances plus any agreed upon structured return. Any remaining settlement funds will then be dispersed according to the Lawyer and Plaintiff agreement.