Medical and Pharmaceutical Lawsuits


Multi-jurisdictional Cases

When products and drugs designed to improve the quality of your life end up injuring you rather than helping you, it is devastating.   Multi-jurisdictional cases are often big and complex and expensive and tough to fight alone.  American Legal Funding is here to help level the playing field between you as an individual injured party and the giant insurance conglomerates attempting to get out of paying what is owed to you.  If you are fighting a multi-jurisdictional lawsuit, American Legal Funding may be able to provide you with the attorney funding you will need for your court case, medical treatments, lawyer payments, and the funding necessary for your daily living expenses.


Funding Multi-jurisdictional Cases

Unlike more straightforward negligence cases, such as a car accident where the other driver was clearly at fault, multi-jurisdictional cases can be harder to prove and therefore take longer to argue and may require expensive testimony from panels of experts. This means that a case can take several months or even a year or more to argue, especially when the details aren't as clear-cut as you see in other cases. When you apply for lawsuit funding, we can provide the money that will not only allow you to hire experienced attorneys but will also help you pay bills that cannot wait for the outcome of the case.


Money Issues Shouldn’t Break Your Case

Whether you were injured by surgery gone wrong, incorrect treatment plans or from harmful prescription drugs, getting settlement funding from American Legal Funding can help you maintain your quality of life while your case is argued. There is no risk with obtaining legal funding through American Legal Funding; if your case is lost, you do not have to pay back the funds that were given to you.  The money is not a loan; the money is yours.  If your case is won, our fees and the original amount you were awarded by us are deducted from the total lawsuit settlement. Getting legal financing from American Legal Funding is easy and can mean getting the absolute most from your lawsuit.  Don’t settle for less than you deserve because of lack of funding. Let American Legal Funding become your partner today!