Legal Funding for Actos Lawsuits


American Legal Funding, LLC has been helping lawyers and their clients for more than 10 years.  As a pioneer in the legal funding industry, we understand that the lack of capital can force a good case into settlement prematurely and deny an injured party the medical treatment that they need.  If you have the need for a cash advance on your future settlement for living costs or medical treatment regarding your Actos lawsuit, American Legal Funding, with the assistance of your lawyer or paralegal, is ready to help you today.

Actos Settlement Information

The Actos lawsuits are being pursued in both the United States District Court in the Western District of Louisiana, and also in the state courts in Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, and California. The first bellwether case tried in the Federal Court was completed in early April, 2014, and resulted in a verdict for the Plaintiff who was afflicted with bladder cancer after taking Actos. Several other cases have been completed in the various state courts with promising, but mixed results.

Legal Funding for Actos Lawsuits

Actos Lawsuit History

Actos is an oral diabetes drug that increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin. FDA studies have shown an increased risk of bladder cancer among patients with the longest exposure to Actos, typically those exposed for more than a year, and in those exposed to the highest cumulative dose of the drug.  Germany and France have banned the drug after a study indicated that long term use could increase bladder cancer occurrences by as much as 40%.  Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan, had more than $16 billion in US sales of Actos, but now faces thousands of lawsuits from Actos patients afflicted with bladder cancer. Plaintiffs allege that Takeda concealed their knowledge of the risk of developing bladder cancer and failed to provide adequate warnings to consumers and doctors.  At least 1,300 lawsuits are pending in Federal Court, with thousands of additional claims being filed in state courts, with the total estimated to be as high as 10,000 for federal and state actions combined.

Lawsuit Funding for Actos Cases

Actos lawsuits can be lengthy and expensive for plaintiffs and their law firms to effectively pursue.  Lawyers and their clients with Actos cases can both receive lawsuit funding from American Legal Funding.  Our funding can help assist all parties in receiving the value that cases merit and should you lose your case, you owe us nothing and no debt is ever created. American Legal Funding’s approval process for cash advances on Actos lawsuits is quick and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy working with our staff lawyers and support team.

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