Legal Funding for Class Action Lawsuits


American Legal Funding, LLC has been helping lawyers and their clients get satisfactory results in their cases by providing much needed financial support for more than 10 years.  As a pioneer in the legal funding industry, we understand that lack of capital can force a good case into premature settlement.  If you have need for a cash advance on your future settlement for living expenses, medical expenses, or a variety of other costs American Legal Funding, LLC with the assistance of your lawyer or paralegal, is ready to help you today.

Class Action Lawsuit Information

A class action lawsuit allows a large group of people with a common interest in a claim to join together to sue in one lawsuit.  There must be questions of law or fact common to the group and plaintiffs must have suffered the same type of injury caused by the same defendant.   If plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit succeed, they usually are awarded damages, and a court may also award punitive damages if it finds  defendants’ acts were particularly harmful to the health or safety of  plaintiffs. The most common class action cases that we fund are unpaid wages cases, including those pertaining to overtime. Whether you are part of an unpaid wages, consumer fraud, or many other types of claims, you may be eligible to receive an advance legal funding against your share of damages to be awarded in the future.

Class Action Lawsuit Funding

Class action lawsuits can be lengthy and expensive to effectively pursue.  Lawyers and their clients with class action cases can receive lawsuit funding from American Legal Funding, LLC.  Our funding can help you to receive    the value your case merits and should you lose your case, you owe us nothing and no debt is ever created. American Legal Funding’s approval process for cash advances on class action lawsuits is quick and we’re confident that you’ll enjoy working with our staff lawyers and support team.  If you have questions about cash advances  or legal funding on your class action case you can reach one of our expert team members by simply calling 1-866 - 954 - 2321 or visit the homepage of our website at  There you can fill in your information and one of our expert legal funding team members will immediately help you get  started towards receiving the cash that you need today.