3rd Party Worker's Comp Lawsuits


Often when a person is injured on the job, a party other than the employer can be held responsible for some or all of the injuries/damages suffered. A third party lawsuit creates another avenue for recovery. The workers comp claim, if it has been paid will often seek subrogation, but that is typically subject to reduction. If you are involved in a 3rd party worker's compensation lawsuit, American Legal Funding may be able to help in a variety of different ways.  

As a client, you can take advantage of 3rd party worker's comp lawsuit funding money to help ensure you get the best representation for your case.  Settlement funding will allow you to receive one large settlement cash advance versus having to wait for small, monthly payments to be issued to you.  

As a lawyer with a 3rd party worker's comp case, you can take advantage of attorney funding which will provide you with the capital you need to ensure the best outcome for your case.        

Whether you are a client or an attorney, we have the right legal financing options for you to help ensure the best result for your 3rd party worker's comp case.  Call us today!