Lawsuit Funding Means You Get Paid.

Whether Your Lawyer Wins Your Case or Not. 


The turn-around time for lawsuit funding can be incredibly quick.  We understand that your needs and we will work quickly to get you funding for your lawsuit in as little time as possible.

Requesting and receiving settlement funding for you lawsuit is simple. In order to begin the process, you can call one of our team members for a consultation or simply fill out our online application and someone will call you back within 48 hours. Providing funding for lawsuits relies greatly on your individual case and its details, so please have all of your information available when you contact us about possible lawsuit funding.


The More Information the Better

Since not all cases are the same, the initial information that you supply to us, such as whether or not you incurred any injuries, how you obtained the injuries, and other specifics of your case, is crucial to have before we can start to process your application. Before we decide whether or not the type of lawsuit funding we supply is right for you, we will also speak with the lawyer you have chosen to argue your case. If you have not already found a lawyer, we can assist in that process.  By working closely with your lawyer, we can further understand the details of your case and gather information in order to process your attorney funding application more efficiently. Once that is complete, the underwriting team will review both your case and your application before receiving Board approval in order to provide you with the kind of lawsuit funding you need.


Know the Facts

Before you contact our office or fill out our online application, it's best that you talk with your lawyer about the funds it will take to properly argue your case and what your options are. This type of legal financing will require your lawyer to be closely involved with American Legal Funding, so it is important that you discuss the kind of lawsuit funding you need. Remember that since your case is unique, all the pertinent details need to be discussed with one of our team members and your lawyer so that funding can be obtained quickly and without trouble.