Pharmaceutical Lawsuits


Serious injuries caused by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices are on the rise.   As recent recalls have shown, FDA approval doesn't guarantee that a drug is safe; having defective drugs and defective medical devices on the market can lead to significant health risks including serious injury, disabilities and hospitalization. In some cases, defective medical products can lead to more intensive surgeries than were originally necessary to correct the damage caused by the defect.

Drug manufacturers have a responsibility to make drugs and medical devices safe for the marketplace; in many cases they are asked to provide warning labels to physicians and (in the case of medications) the pharmacy that dispenses their product. But all too often drug and medical device companies are aware that a drug can cause harmful drug side effects or a medical device can be defective and can cause injury or death--and they may choose profit over safety.

If you have been injured by one of these products or drugs and need financial help while waiting for your case to settle, you’ve come to the right place.  We will contact your attorney and request pharmaceutical records, surgical reports, medical records surrounding your injuries and other pertinent information surrounding your case.