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American Legal Funding

Legal Funding as an industry is relatively young which makes American Legal Funding a pioneer having been helping clients and law firms for over 10 years.  

We have hundreds of satisfied clients because we have invested the time and resources to truly understand the legal financing needs of our clients and exceed those needs with efficiency and great customer service.   

As a client with a lawsuit that has a good chance of winning, we can provide assistance to you in a variety of different ways.  Perhaps you know your case will be long and expensive, but worth it if you can get the money you need to help you see your case all the way through.  If this is the case, American Legal Funding can provide you with the legal financing you need to get the most out of your case.  If you are a client who won a good case and are looking at receiving monthly payments and having a lump sum of money would be more helpful to get your family back to normal, we can provide settlement funding that will provide a lump sum of cash so that you do not have to wait for small monthly payments to come in.   

As an attorney, legal financing may be necessary for you to fight a case all the way through.  The costs associated with expert testimony and research can pile up quickly when your time is dedicated to a case that does not have immediate pay out potential.  There is no need to settle the case due to lack of proper funding, American Legal Funding is here to provide the attorney funding you need to ensure that your case gets the fighting chance it deserves.   

For more than 10 years American Legal Funding has been creating satisfied clients in the lawsuit funding industry.  Let us be your financial partner and together we can effectively fight your lawsuit.  Call Us Today!